A Quick Update

Hello, everyone! I apologize for the lack of a post this past weekend, but I was very much busy and preoccupied. I planned to write one, but alas.

As stated prior, I am going to be absent for six weeks. What does this mean for the blog? In this span of time, there will be six various authors who will be shelling out posts on a weekly basis, as per the usual affair. While I would say it may be as if I am not even gone, the great part about this is that they will all introduce their own flair and nuance to give a distinct flavour to each weekend. I am unsure as to what they will be posting, but I know for sure they will all provide a great read for the week. Once I have returned (the weekend of August 20th to be precise), I will resume posting.

I hope you enjoy these next six weeks and the upcoming smorgasbord!


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