Unknown Titles and their Identities

Judging by the title it probably sounded like my post was going to be really deep. That is definitely not the case. I am blog filler #2. Unlike the previous bloggers, I am not a talented analyzer. I am pretty sure that I could not properly analyze a story that I wrote myself. One thing I do like to do is read, watch, and create stories. My forté is television shows but today I’m going to try to talk about some movies that you might not have heard of and give you a break from the usual Hollywood rehashes as all of these movies are original screenplays. I highly recommend and enjoyed each and every one of these movies.

Seven Psychopaths


This was a movie that I stumbled upon one day while I was in my 2nd hour of Netflix suggesting I watch the same shows over and over again. I watched the trailers and was not expecting much, but I ended up absolutely loving this movie. It has incredible casting and a solid original storyline. It is a dark comedy that is good to watch on a day where you are void of any strong feelings because then you are able to connect with the characters better.

This movie is about a writer is trying to make a movie about psychopaths and accidentally gets caught up in a situation where he is being hunted down by a high-profile crime lord because his best friend stole his dog. If you take any lesson away from watching movies then it should be “ Do not ever mess with anybody else’s dog ever” or you might find yourself in a John Wick situation. I love this movie for a bunch of different reasons, but will only list a few.

One reason is this movie is a perfect blend of comedy and violence. You could be watching a scene where 20 people get brutally murdered and end up laughing 30 seconds later. It jumps through so many genres so fast but the writing is so fluid and the transitions between scenes so seamless that you almost don’t notice it. Every action has some meaning behind it even though it might not be revealed until the very end of the movie

Another reason is the psychopaths themselves. Most of the psychopaths in the movie are more empathetic than the “normal” characters, For example, my favourite character (the “Jack of Diamonds”) commits all of his murders with the sole intention of helping his friend and tries to do more for people than anybody else in the movie and Billy Bickle (portrayed by Sam Rockwell and the best friend of the main character) makes an honest effort to connect with the main character’s girlfriend even though he clearly hates her. Another psychopath kills himself just so that he will not kill more people, which is a psychopathic act, but not one that you would normally imagine a psychopath committing.

Movies like this: In Bruges, Fargo

The Way, Way Back


This is one of my favorite coming of age movies of all time. It is also an original screenplay with Jim Rash (Dean from “Community”) as one of the writers. If you were or are and awkward teenager then this film will resonate with you more than you would want it to.

This movie is about an awkward (and I’m talking truly cringe level, want-to-avert-your-eyes-every-time-he-is-on-screen awkward) teenager who has to spend the summer in his mom’s boyfriend’s summer cabin. He is miserable until he finds a job at the local water park where he finds some unexpected friends.

The casting in this movie is also impeccable. Three people’s performances stand out the most to me:

Steve Carell as Trent (the mother’s boyfriend)- I have never seen Steve Carell portray a jerk before and I have to say it is kind of unnerving. If anybody has grown up with a character like Trent then it will probably hit very close to home because of how amazing an actor he is. Even though I disliked his character (because of how real he is), I couldn’t help but be awed with every scene he was in and how well the family dynamic was portrayed.

Liam James as Duncan (the main character): As I mentioned above, this character is so awkward that it hurt to watch sometimes, but this actor was born to play this role. Even when he didn’t have any lines, his posture said more than he ever could. It was moving to see his transition into a semi-confident normal human. And how his character affected the people who he had interactions with the least the most because of how drastic the change in his personality was and how it gave courage to those characters.

Sam Rockwell as Owen: The character acted as a “big brother” figure to the main character. He steals every scene he is in and his comedic timing is some of the best I have ever seen. The interaction with him and every other character were flawless and the highlights of the movie. This actor also seemed like he was made for this role, it didn’t even seem like he was acting but as if he walked onto the set one day and everybody went with it.

Another thing I like about this movie is how accurate the family is. It does a really good job at representing a messed up family after where the biological parents are trying to do the right thing but make a ton of mistakes and how frustrating it is for the child to see them make these mistakes. And how they end up hurting their child when they are trying to protect him.

Movies like this: Adventureland, The Kings Of Summer

Tucker and Dale vs Evil 


This is a comedy-horror film but it is way more comedy than horror and the writers knew that when the script was being created. Some death scenes make you feel bad, not because somebody died in a very grisly way, but because you laughed so hard during the scene that your mom came down to see what was wrong. This is one of my favourite movies of all time. The fact that Alan Tudyk (Wash from “Firefly”) is in it doesn’t hurt one bit. Also, another supporting character looks exactly like Justin Trudeau and the movie is funnier if you imagine Trudeau was an actor in this movie before becoming the Prime Minister of Canada.

I can’t say much about the movie without giving a lot away but it is about two hillbillies who purchase a vacation home in the woods that previously belonged to a murderer.

The acting and writing are amazing and absolutely hilarious. This movie also has a surprising amount of heart in it and is a true self-acceptance story. Well except for that one guy who didn’t accept himself very well…. Watch the movie and you will find out who I mean.

More like this movie: Zombieland, What We Do In The Shadows

At the very least I hope you got some ideas for movies to watch from this post. Hopefully, you didn’t find it a waste of your time and give some of these movies a try. The next posts will probably go back to being deep. Thanks for reading my post and I hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy the sun :).


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  1. Great article …. nice to get some insights on movies I haven’t seen … have watched 7 Psychopaths before … also enjoyed that movie 🙂


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