Into the Darkness

Another week passes, and so does another blog post. It is but one of many, insignificant in the long-term but its meaning can be felt as its words pass through your mind and envelop them in a cozy embrace. Of course that last part does not pertain to the majority of my posts, but storytelling is one thing I love to do. Ideas of stories both familiar and alien to me formulate in my head, but there is that reach for perfection. “How can I make this idea better?” is one question that nags me very often, as to why would you make a ship with a million tiny holes in its hull?

To get a bit clearer here, welcome back. This week’s serving is going to be on the narrative side (as the first paragraph made clear) and should be a bit different from the last two. Those were more ambient in nature and were celebratory on the arrival of the summer and my return from Cadet summer training. This upcoming story is just an idea that circulated in my head, but will probably be a lot more subtle than the last two (Small Journeys was really not). I hope my execution is pleasing, to say the least.

And also, make sure you look up Andromeda. 🙂

Oh, Andromeda.

In the night sky, you look perfect. Pristine, golden, but just out of reach. You are beautiful, yet your complexion a mystery. What lies within your core, your silk arms that carry life in its pure essence? Why does the irony exist that you are the monster, ready to devour life as well?

Oh, Andromeda. You spiral both in control and out of control. You are both mad and free.

Oh, who am I? A watcher, an observer. In day, blue streaks of poison fill the sky and hordes of the oblivious gather across the horizon. The sky is their limit; the cobalt wall is their ceiling. Yet I am faithful Andromeda, the only sane one left in this ocean of dying dreams.

Every day, I lived their life. I followed the steps from birth: to curb ignorance, starvation, and boredom. Everything else is a vanity, yet they make it their own. Love, pleasure, and then ambition have corrupted their minds and now I am left alone. Am I wrong to believe that you are my guardian, an everlasting monument that stands above our morality and which will usher in a new beginning?

I made the decision long ago to abandon them and to follow in your divine path. In the sky, you are lonely against a much larger light that has been tainted by our needs and wants. They have clouded a galaxy and made it their own, invaded every crevice and hallway and street and continent with light. Oh how I hate light, its semblance of safety is what holds them back. Yet I have abandoned them and the steps as well.

There is only one thing I still know in this world: I am alone. Both in beliefs and in presence, I am utterly alone. Only through ignorance to their ways can I know the ultimate truth about life. Their ideologies have made them blind, and they have strayed too far from it. The truth is you, Andromeda. You can both create and destroy and have filled me with both hope and despair. I have accepted inevitability, and that makes me the only sane on left.

There is a highway nearby. Flashing lines of neon flush out its ravaged route, and on it lies the destroyer. They do not understand that only the darkness can bring out the light. There is nothing I can do, however. I am the watcher, not the bringer of death. I do not expect them to change; they are resistant. Life, death, love, content, anger, and insanity are constants which I have removed. I am now yours, Andromeda.

Once, I was in love with material things. They are no different from the rocks that stay my feet. They will never change.

Oh, Andromeda. Why do you not come more quickly, so I may feel your embrace and holy wrath coursing through my veins?

I do question whether this was the right decision. Isolation from their society into my own attendance for you. Billion is relative to you, and when you meet me I will be unrecognizable. It is too much to endure sometimes, but I am hopeful. They are ignorant, but you know the mysteries which I seek. All I have learned is flawed, yet it still grounds me in a mocking way. I cannot take flight, and the rocks are at my feet.

Why do you hover over the same spot in the sky if you move? My eye watches, yet there is no progress. Andromeda, is your coming truth? The glory swirl of perfection that awaits, why do you hang? Even they know you come, yet it is another fact in a forgotten place to them.

My hunger dwells, but I have kept ignorant to their ways. I am the only sane one left, and they cannot change that. Tears and hatred are useless, and my eyes are all I need. You are all I need. Without you, what am I?

Thousands of blimps that possess your presence are shameful imitations of your brilliance. Children that dance to oblivion in the presence of a giant, one that will take what is rightfully its own. You know no fear; you are beyond it on your journey home. It is bittersweet that you will finally show us our way, Andromeda. Please, I am the only sane one left. Save me from them, and save them from themselves. You are the only true enlightenment.

Oh, Andromeda. Is is not funny how I was one of them a month ago? Is it not funny how the end is right in front of me?

Please, I am the only sane one left. Save me from them.

Save us all.


While a bit shorter than my other meanders into storytelling, I hope this one got you to think a bit more than the others. I will not say anything, but there is some repetition that I hope you didn’t ignore. More than that, I hope you enjoyed what I brought today as well.

As I have stated previously, we are getting very close to December. My plans will be outlined on November 30th in an announcement of sorts, so stay tuned for that. I also do not usually say this, but liking and sharing these posts also goes a longer way than you may think. I want to expand my audience (especially for my December plan) so please feel free to assist me in any way you can, and only if you want to. Either than that, enjoy your day, and until next time.


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