‘Tis the Season

Come all, come. It is that time of the year again, and now stadarooni offers gifts in these wonderful days ahead.

As I have been hyping up for the past few months, (and last few weeks in particular) I have special plans for this blog next month, which will be imminent as of tomorrow. To celebrate the holidays and this blog itself, there will be one blog post every day from now until the 25th. I will not reveal the content of each post, but I can promise you there will be plenty of analysis, storytelling, retrospect, and perhaps even more that will not be alike to anything yet. Most of these posts will be smaller and more ‘bite-sized’ in nature, but more meaty ones will be posted on the weekend as usual. Guest posts are not out of the question but expect the bulk of content to be my own.

Once again, I apologize for the lack of content throughout September and October but please know that the blog is hitting a stride that it has never hit before, and I have much appreciation for your support as we head into the holiday season. Expect all posts to be up by 5:00 pm PST at the earliest, and not too much later if life doesn’t get the best of me. My hope is that you will find something new every day, and the variety makes this an enjoyable experience for you and me alike.

Also, there have been some minor edits across the site. All blog posts have been fine-tuned and improved on ever-so-slightly, and there is now an archive for you to check out every post in one convenient place.

Welcome to the 25 Days of Stadarooni!


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