Why Fandom is Awesome

With day one of the 25 Days of Stadarooni upon us, we come to our first entrée. This will be more of a bite-sized showcase of appreciation, and nothing too critical or deep. Instead, we will be looking at answering the title: why are fandoms awesome, with such dedicated and hard-working people? Why is it that a single work of art can bring so many together to create amazing things? Perhaps this may seem like juxtaposition to the last post before yesterday’s announcement, but fans themselves create their own following.

Above, you can take a look at the 501st Legion, a dedicated fan organization that makes appearances in bulky Stormtrooper armour to fulfill an authentic experience of having the Empire at one of your own very events. Accuracy is one of their aims, and they make appearances completely free of charge, showing how their immense love for Star Wars outweighs all else with fans doing work for fans. They welcome new members and do plenty of charity work to further everyone’s aims. Their work has even landed them a spot in the official Star Wars canon by their titular name, and you may recognize them as ‘Vader’s Fist’ in various sources such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the original two Battlefront games, and Revenge of the Sith.

Other examples of devotion exist such as the community on Pottermore, or theonering.net. Perhaps a message board or any community site may not seem like much, but they form a culture that cannot be broken. Role-playing, cosplaying, and even lets-plays are a few of many ways in which people show their love of these works.

One last success story I want to point out is Rooster Teeth. If you have not heard of them, they are a production company based out of Texas, responsible for the hugely successful and long-running Red vs. Blue. (I would be surprised if you have heard of the latter and not the former, however) They have moved on to making plenty of videos showcasing a plethora of video games, a few shows, (such as the American-anime RWBY) and even a feature-length film. They are a company that went from zero to hero (heh) and they themselves represent why fandoms are so awesome. It is an insanity to think that a few friends who made a comedy series that stems off of their love for Halo have led on to create a highly successful web-series recognized by millions and continue to find achievement and growth since their inception. If you ever want to see where fandom can lead one, look no further.

From the 405th.

With that, the first day of Stadarooni has come to its close. The chocolate has been unwrapped for your taking, and more delicacies small and large, narrative or analysis or milk or dark are on their way, and this is just the beginning to a much richer experience as well.

Enjoy. 🙂


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