When the World Just Stops

‘Why did you do that?!?’ should have been Mr. Griffith’s response to the horror that bestowed him. His voice could only be swollen by despair and betrayal, and he quickly came to realize that he was defeated.

The monster did not laugh, nor weep, nor move on for him. It simply shot a look of satisfaction, relishing its kill with pleasurable evil. Mr. Griffith could only watch. He could only stand by as the beast emerged victorious. It was the only way this could have ended.

Step out of line, and you step off the edge of sanity. The men in high places were subtle, and the monsters always ripped through souls with the most dangerous of malcontent. Heroes who silenced the invisible blood they lusted for.

Mr. Griffith was a man. He chose to serve for the greater good, to go beyond their threats masked in compassion. But against the monsters, morality loses to practicality. They were monsters, in every worst sense of the word.

That was my son. And in an instant, the lights have forever been expelled. 

And in that moment, the world had gone still.


3 Replies to “When the World Just Stops”

    1. Haha it has been a while! I hope you enjoyed this post, or at least found it interesting. It is one-draft one-publish, so it might be rough around the edges. I do have plans for posts in the future, so don’t worry about this blog dying anytime soon. 🙂


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