End of the Line

Hello everyone, and welcome back!

The blog has been pretty quiet over the past two months, but I have been watching from the sidelines. While a lack of posting, of course, means success will not be met as easily, I can assure you that the blog is not devoid of a viewership. In fact, this month has been very successful to this point! I will go into more depth on what is happening in an update post tomorrow, as well as an explanation for what those two previous stories were and where they may go.

While I try not to be too lazy in what I post here, today I present a rougher draft of an assignment that I worked on at school a few weeks ago. My task was to focus on voice, and I decided to take a step back and enjoy myself while writing this. I present you with a more traditional story for this blog and one that has dialogue as well! Please enjoy what you see, and I will catch up with you at the end.



“Why is it that we always see blue? It’s always blue, blue, blue. Up: sky blue. Down: dark blue. Have you ever thought of that?” said Sushi.

Sushi’s imagination was always outside of our confines, even if it annoyed the old-timers in our school. The lack of bravado in living towards the land was due to the white beasts. The ultimate evil that lurked, eyes like night striking death in its heart. It is apparently some part of a great chain of life, but I do not choose to believe clownfish; the anchor keeps me at bay.

“Sushi, you’re swimming in a sea of possibilities. Try closing your eyes, and you’ll see black. Everything else is too dangerous!” said Blue.
“Isn’t black just a really dark shade of blue? I want to feel the world, not dream it! We’ll be safe as long as we stick to the shore!”
“Child, boredom will not resolve your current issues. Do not cast away.”

In one way, he was right. Shouldn’t we venture to the shore instead of sailing around it? However, we don’t know what’s out there. I have always trusted Blue’s instincts. Green means seaweed, and you don’t know how many talons can gouge out your eyeballs if you don’t see them. Pink means jellyfish, but they aren’t fish: they are murderers. Sushi is just asking to be bait, and bait always gets hooked away.

“Elder, the school has been swimming in circles for weeks. The nets of ‘China’ have killed off whatever used to live here, and what’s this: they’re clear, or in other words, blue!”
“Sushi, such behaviour is what causes problems in this school! We cannot escape our problems, as they exist everywhere-
“Blue, don’t make me pull a muscle again. Our school makes up in hubris what it lacks in foresight. If Sushi thinks the ocean is beautiful, he can go and find its depth himself,” I said.

I do not often wish to speak with those who go around in circles, but they are obedient to reason. I recognize that my reasoning is ultimately of a sadistic temptation: in the wild, the strong thrive. He has already lost, and now the tides will turn on him as he discovers the perverted nature of the sea.

“If the sharks come, do not run back! They will manipulate you, and your blood will spill because of it. You are off the hook, although another lies ahead,” said Blue.
“Does that mean I will get to see red? Let’s see: there’s crimson, scarlet, lust, carmine, ruby…”

His voice scattered into the wind, and soon we forgot about him. The sea can get lonely sometimes. We are lost in thought, and we don’t like to talk. After five years, I ran out of anything to say, and they did as well. Sushi was the last of our children, but he had drifted away, far into the black horizon of eternity and all lost dreams.

All there is to strike at curiosity is the land. It brings me a joyous hope; a seizure that disrupts my stream of consciousness. I ponder at what may lie, and if a new world would appear. Of course, it was against the elder’s seal of approval as they just want us to drown in sorrow. I’ll be damned if I’m sinking off the deep end, but it never feels like the calm before the storm. The water is still, just like us. Our hearts are watered down, dampened by the dry humour that we may swim in a new channel. Of course, that will not be until the floodgates come open. Perhaps they can come fishing for us?

“Do any of you wish to chase rainbows?”



Although short, I hope you still enjoyed today’s serving. Remember to check back tomorrow for an update/announcement of sorts, but there is something I want to leave before I head off. For the past two months, I have been working on getting social media accounts up and running for the blog! I present you with some links, but please tell me if there are any other platforms that I should check out.

Thank you, and have a pleasant day! 🙂


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