Reaching for Ruminations

As I have promised, here is an update post on what’s going on within the blog. I’m going to keep it brief, but I will go into as much detail as possible.

As you saw yesterday, I have finally published a post after so long. While the blog itself has been steadily gaining views over the past few months, I wanted to share some new content for you all to enjoy. Gaining views is not too much of a concern for me in the greater scheme of things, but it’s awesome to see some of my earlier posts gaining some traction.

As I stated earlier in January, this year will have a different approach from the last. Quality over quantity, which also requires more time. While that will still remain true, I want to give smaller posts for you all to digest as well. However, you may still notice the lack of content over the past few months. Instead, a lot of that has gone into the background of the blog. I have decided to streamline the blog’s theme once again, as I want to you all to enjoy a more simplified experience that will hopefully be visually engaging (more so than before). The categories and tagging system done on the blog have been completely retooled for this as well, and now all blogs are in three categories or are miscellaneous.

Also, I have decided to expand the blog’s outlet on social media. While I had brought the blog to Tumblr and Twitter a very long time ago, the Instagram and Facebook page should help to give light on what’s happening in a more cohesive way. Every post from now on will have links to every social media page for stadarooni, and if there any other platforms I should use, please feel free to shoot them to me!

Lastly, you may have noticed these two posts. Unlike all of my posts, these two do not have any sort of commentary and are quite bite-sized at that. What exactly are they? The answer: experimentation. I wanted to experiment with a story serial that would come out bi-weekly, but after further inspection, I have had other thoughts. While I will not take these two posts down, I will instead be releasing this unnamed story chapter-by-chapter in bigger swoops. I will be using them as a basis for what is to come, and I will assure you that it will have the most thought and care put into any post on this blog. Instead of being one-draft-out-the-window like nearly every post on this blog, there will be drafts and a plan. It will take the form of a traditional story and not wander into abstract detail (as I said before) and most of all, I will take suggestions. If you are reading this, please comment on what you would like to see in this story with the aforementioned two in mind. That would be awesome, as I want to make a simple story all of us will enjoy.

Although brief, I hope you enjoyed this quick update. Stay tuned, because you never know what’ s behind the corner. 🙂


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