Light and Dark

Welcome, welcome!

After a troll post and the first analysis in months, I have returned with a different, third shade. I hope you like these kinds of posts because I present another story!

This piece is dialogue-only, unlike another one I posted a while back that only focused on it. As with many of the pieces I created for my Writing class, this one did go through rewrites and edits, and there was a word-count that I nearly capped. For reference, my drafts went over some dialogue that I had to cut out completely and was nearly a page longer. This was the final copy that I handed in, so I hope you enjoy it!


“Do you ever wonder what’s up there?”
“Everything is up there, obviously.”
“True, but do you think anyone is watching us? Maybe we’re watching them!”
“They would be watching a dull rock if they could.”
“Wouldn’t it be lovely to be up there, so vast and free?”
“You would go insane! Watching dull rocks, of course.”
“Does it matter if you’re physically alone? Stars watch you.”
“Doesn’t make the cold hurt any less.”
“We’ll persevere. Haven’t we always done so?”
“It’s sterile up there. Society chains us to the ground, anyways, and it’s not that easy. The world always finds a way to self-destruct under pressure.”
“People can change that! I can steer my car, and there’s billions in this world. We will find a way to break free from shackles and leap.”
“You’re forgetting politics, economy, religion, culture, and power. What makes you think anything will get done?”
“They will change us.”
“That’s not what’s important. Do you believe in a destiny for us?”
“I believe we will continue until we cease. We’re not machines, but don’t you find it funny how we just shut off?”
“One day, we will wake up to their arrival. We’ll fulfill whatever purpose lies in the stars.”
“What if they doom us to slavery or extinction? History is not a kind source when it comes to this sort of thing.”
“I like to believe they will act regal and fair. Magnificent beings who will take us by the hand into tomorrow!”
“You’re in love with an idea that will never happen. I suppose your idealism is why I like you, but what you suggested cannot happen.”
“Imagination is disappointing. We want to believe something, and find solace in it. We want to embrace it, and never let go as the harp strikes a chord in the background.”
“If space is infinite, how can I be wrong?”
“Space dies. The stars die. Life as a whole will wither into what it once was: nothing.”
“Isn’t it better to simply exist? To breathe and smell the blossoming of life?”
“Sometimes being an idea can allow you to edge out the competition, can it not?”
“But you technically still exist. Just in someone’s head, that’s all. Right?”
“Remember: ideas change. They can become vile and incomprehensible, or even vanish.”
“If we die, will anyone remember this conversation? Will it have even happened?”
“Ears hear. The wind doesn’t have them.”
“And that’s where your pessimism is not entirely true. They may not even sense the same way we do.”
“Realism never hurts. Sometimes life shuts you down, and you have to change to overcome it. I’ve never been defeated before, so why now?”
“You’ll never be defeated as long as you keep on going.”
“Like I do.”
“Can you at least agree that the sky is wonderful tonight?”
“That I can do-”
“That’s the last word I’ll hear out of your mouth, soldier. Anymore before you deal with the CO?”
“Just smile, will you?”


If you are wondering why the ending is abrupt, that is due to a new conflict I had to establish in a twist as a part of the criteria for this assignment. The original drafts had a few more lines there, but I had to cut it short which sadly made the twist more odd and less abrupt/surprising.

I also have a post that will be made somewhere in early-mid June, which will be something that has never been on this blog before. Until then, I hope you enjoyed this post!



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