Today, stadarooni is a year old!

On May 29, 2016, I composed my first post on the subject of interconnected universes as it relates to the MCU and Halo, but the blog has branched out tremendously since then. I have done many stories, analyses, and reviews since then, and I have even brought on some guest talent. However, this isn’t about me; this is about the blog. A blog that’s named after me.

While there is not too much to say, I have been writing a lot outside of this blog. prologue is the first draft of a larger piece that I’m pouring my heart into, but I am unsure if I will post the rest of it in case I decide to go forward with all guns blazing. Fret not, as I still have a post that is set in stone for early-mid June that I am thrilled to put out.

Following that, I am unsure to where year two will lead us. This experience has been exciting, and I look forward to what lies beyond the horizon. (I apologize for being trite.)


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