The End

Hello, all!

That title may imply a few things and yes, it is a little out of the blue. However, this is no story, analysis, review, or anything of that like; instead, this is an announcement on the state of the blog and a decision I have contemplated over the past few weeks: I have decided to put this blog on indefinite hiatus.

Now, I am aware that I have not been writing on here for some time and that I intended to write over the upcoming summer months, but my motivation for doing so has dwindled. It is not due to a lack of interest in writing and analyzing, as I am still very much doing that off of this blog. Instead, my interest is occupied by other outlets that are off of WordPress, and this blog does not fit into that any longer.

I should make it clear that this has nothing to do with views, comments, or followers. I love it when others interact with my work (which doesn’t happen too often on here), but my primary focus while writing always has been in my own interests rather than what others want or what’s ‘trendy’. After all, this isn’t a fashion, lifestyle, food, or travel blog; I am aware that a writing blog is a niche, especially on WordPress.

Instead of saying goodbye, I will invite you all to continue to read my work on another site that I have been writing on for the past three months, called Commaful. I won’t make this post an advertisement, but I will quickly describe what the site pertains to as it is not as popular as some other creative writing sites such as Wattpad. Commaful is a website for shorter pieces (I mostly write poems and ‘poetic prose’ on there) that are accompanied by pictures, and it has been refreshing to write on there and lots of fun! I recommend that you check it out, as that is where I will be.

Matter of fact, here is my latest piece on there! I hope it isn’t too geeky, but alas.

I should add that this is not a permanent ending for the blog, as I am rather indecisive at times. I may post again in the future, but for now, I do not plan to due to a lack of interest.

Of course, the blog’s social media accounts will still be active and they will instead be redirected for the purpose of Commaful as well as some other things, such as opinions or recommendations and the such, for example. Here are some links! (Facebook and Instagram are the most active of these accounts.)

In case this is the final post on the blog, I want to thank all of YOU for reading over the past two years! Starting this blog is a decision I am still very happy that I made, as it had helped me to maintain an outlet for writing while I still posted on here. I am still proud and fond of quite a few of the posts I wrote on here, and I will list a few of my favourites right now!

Just to note, I will not be deleting anything on this blog.

I also want to give even more thanks to Braydon, Kristine, Robert, Corina, Griffin, Sylvia, and Ben for writing posts and helping out with the blog when I was absent. You are all awesome and I cannot thank you enough for that!

Also, thank you to my brother for this picture! He doesn’t have any photography account on social media (or anything like that), so I can’t provide any links.

If these are the final words, then take care! Continue on writing or doing whatever you are passionate about. Despite me leaving this blog, I will continue to pursue my love of writing and I won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Of course, you know where to find my writing!

Yours truly,
Alex 🙂



Today, stadarooni is a year old!

On May 29, 2016, I composed my first post on the subject of interconnected universes as it relates to the MCU and Halo, but the blog has branched out tremendously since then. I have done many stories, analyses, and reviews since then, and I have even brought on some guest talent. However, this isn’t about me; this is about the blog. A blog that’s named after me.

While there is not too much to say, I have been writing a lot outside of this blog. prologue is the first draft of a larger piece that I’m pouring my heart into, but I am unsure if I will post the rest of it in case I decide to go forward with all guns blazing. Fret not, as I still have a post that is set in stone for early-mid June that I am thrilled to put out.

Following that, I am unsure to where year two will lead us. This experience has been exciting, and I look forward to what lies beyond the horizon. (I apologize for being trite.)


Reaching for Ruminations

As I have promised, here is an update post on what’s going on within the blog. I’m going to keep it brief, but I will go into as much detail as possible.

As you saw yesterday, I have finally published a post after so long. While the blog itself has been steadily gaining views over the past few months, I wanted to share some new content for you all to enjoy. Gaining views is not too much of a concern for me in the greater scheme of things, but it’s awesome to see some of my earlier posts gaining some traction.

As I stated earlier in January, this year will have a different approach from the last. Quality over quantity, which also requires more time. While that will still remain true, I want to give smaller posts for you all to digest as well. However, you may still notice the lack of content over the past few months. Instead, a lot of that has gone into the background of the blog. I have decided to streamline the blog’s theme once again, as I want to you all to enjoy a more simplified experience that will hopefully be visually engaging (more so than before). The categories and tagging system done on the blog have been completely retooled for this as well, and now all blogs are in three categories or are miscellaneous.

Also, I have decided to expand the blog’s outlet on social media. While I had brought the blog to Tumblr and Twitter a very long time ago, the Instagram and Facebook page should help to give light on what’s happening in a more cohesive way. Every post from now on will have links to every social media page for stadarooni, and if there any other platforms I should use, please feel free to shoot them to me!

Lastly, you may have noticed these two posts. Unlike all of my posts, these two do not have any sort of commentary and are quite bite-sized at that. What exactly are they? The answer: experimentation. I wanted to experiment with a story serial that would come out bi-weekly, but after further inspection, I have had other thoughts. While I will not take these two posts down, I will instead be releasing this unnamed story chapter-by-chapter in bigger swoops. I will be using them as a basis for what is to come, and I will assure you that it will have the most thought and care put into any post on this blog. Instead of being one-draft-out-the-window like nearly every post on this blog, there will be drafts and a plan. It will take the form of a traditional story and not wander into abstract detail (as I said before) and most of all, I will take suggestions. If you are reading this, please comment on what you would like to see in this story with the aforementioned two in mind. That would be awesome, as I want to make a simple story all of us will enjoy.

Although brief, I hope you enjoyed this quick update. Stay tuned, because you never know what’ s behind the corner. 🙂

The Tale of Stadarooni

Welcome back to a New Year!

After the most successful month of this blog, it is great to see many new viewers. While I did not meet my promise of 25 blogs leading up to Christmas Day, the 25 Days of Stadarooni were still a great success. Writing one blog post per day felt a tad too tiring towards the end, and my ability to write was getting fatigued as well. I still have a few ideas left over that went unused, and I definitely plan on picking up on them in the future. If you enjoyed special events like the 25 Days, that is awesome. However, I cannot make any promises and for now, I will resume the typical weekly/bi-weekly schedule from before.

Anyways, a look back at 2016.

Back in May, one of my friends had a wonderful idea that resonated very well in my mind. It was this blog, and how I love to ramble on about stories that I love. It only seemed logical that it was something that had to happen, and so on May 29th, stadarooni was created. I began with the analysis of storytelling tropes that bounced around in my head, but as you know my horizons have expanded beyond just this. Perhaps it was my laziness, but I posted two of my essays from my English class, and they went beyond a look in stories: they also told them, and sprouted from ideas.

Are big universes harmful to a story? Is emotional storytelling more important than the story itself? These are big questions I wanted to take a look at, but that was only the beginning. And yes, I do plan on making part two to a certain post on this blog…

June was the big game-changer. Sand and an Umbrella was the first post on my blog that received quite a bit of attention that was outside of my sphere, and it was also the first story I created for this blog. I like to tell my stories with the setting, detail, and more subtle devices, as you can tell from the various posts here that have left some of you confused. I like to use words to paint a picture, but this mostly works for the shorts I create here. A more traditional story is what I would love to create, with action, development, characters, and conflict. I have an idea of a story that has entertained my mind for quite some time, and all these stories are perhaps the most compassionate thing I put on this blog.

Of course, at this point, the blog changed forever. The initial idea of analysing stories became one of a few things on this blog, and even then I would say the spirit and purpose of it have shifted to a more general blog.

Later on, I left for the summer and you with several posts made by my friends. These are the only guest posts on this blog, but I can say that without their work, the blog probably would have faded into complete obscurity over the summer and it would not exist today. I have linked their posts many times before, but I am still grateful for it and guest posts are still not out of the question for the future. It is important to see this blog as a community, despite how small and insignificant it may be.

Upon my return, I decided to celebrate with Small Journeys, which was a turning point for the blog. This kickstarted a short reign of success, and then I decided to announce my expanded horizons for the fall. However, I have also learned that I should probably never make promises when that very same horizon has the word ‘school’ in it.

Now, September was not the best month for the blog, and October is the same story. There were very few posts, and even those did not receive much attention. I would call it a drought of course, but I would also call it the start of a potentially slow death of this blog. However, one of my most confusing and odd posts managed to reach below and save it, and the blog is now in a very good position and in line for future success. The 25 Days of Stadarooni proved to pull in a lot of views, and my impossible goals were achieved.

Perhaps this was not a fascinating tale, but I hope you enjoyed this look at the past.

How is this relevant to the future, you may ask? Well, there are three types of posts that I can assure will always be on the blog: stories, analysis’, and reviews/retrospects. Stories may pull in the most amount of views, and do seem to get the highest praise on this blog as well. However, reviews are an unexpected success, and I will try to make them lengthy and detailed going forward. And yes, longer than this one. For analysis’, I will not betray the initial purpose of the blog. I feel as if they are the bread and butter for it, and one of my goals is to go into more detail and try to be both broad and specific in my intent. One idea I have tried to do is to look at qualities in one story that have significance to storytelling as a whole. One change I want to make for stories is to have them more concrete and traditional in a sense, while still having the same compassion put in.

Another goal is for longer posts. This may make times between posts longer and less frequent, but I want to emphasise quality to a higher degree. Proofreading and drafts may exist, and I plan to do actual note-taking for posts as well. Also, there will be no more promises on when posts will come. I apologise, but more frequent posting is not sustainable from now on.

And with that, we come to a close for this look at my blog. Before I head out, though, I present you with some statistics throughout 2016, from May to December. Please enjoy, and I will see you later.

  • Most Viewed Month: 1: December (481 views) 2: August (172 views) 3: June (157 views)
  • Most Visited Month: 1: December (288 visitors) 2: August (77 visitors) 3: June (70 visitors)
  • Most Liked Month: 1: December (42 likes) 2: November (16 likes) 3: August (14 likes)

Top 10 Posts by Views (and Likes)

  1. Halo 5: Guardians – A Look Further Into the Story – 147 views (3 likes)
  2. A Short Analysis of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ – 79 views (0 likes)
  3. Halo 5: Guardians: A Review – 67 views (1 like)
  4. Small Journeys – 54 views (8 likes)
  5. Snow and a Toboggan – 37 views (5 likes)
  6. Sand and an Umbrella – 32 views (5 likes)
  7. Into the Darkness – 25 views (10 likes)
  8. A Story Without Words – Why Music Matters in Storytelling – 24 views (2 likes)
  9. Does Emotional Storytelling Outweigh Plot? – Part 1 – 22 views (1 like)
  10. The Flaws of Interconnected Universes – 18 views (1 like)

Top 5 Referrers to the Blog

  1. Facebook (231 views)
  2. Reddit (116 views)
  3. Google (47 views)
  4. WordPress Reader (37 views)
  5. Instagram (18 views) (Heh)

Top 5 Countries by Views

  1. Canada (739 views)
  2. United States (287 views)
  3. Denmark (54 views)
  4. United Kingdom (28 views)
  5. Austrailia (7 views)

stadarooni’s Honourable Mentions

  • Best Views Ever: 135 on December 10, 2016
  • Total Views for 2016: 1151 views
  • Total Visitors for 2016: 610 visitors
  • Total Likes for 2016: 92 likes
  • Most Popular Day for 2016: Saturday (33% of views)
  • Most Popular Hour of 2016: 3:00 PM (11% of views)

And with that, adios.

‘Tis the Season

Come all, come. It is that time of the year again, and now stadarooni offers gifts in these wonderful days ahead.

As I have been hyping up for the past few months, (and last few weeks in particular) I have special plans for this blog next month, which will be imminent as of tomorrow. To celebrate the holidays and this blog itself, there will be one blog post every day from now until the 25th. I will not reveal the content of each post, but I can promise you there will be plenty of analysis, storytelling, retrospect, and perhaps even more that will not be alike to anything yet. Most of these posts will be smaller and more ‘bite-sized’ in nature, but more meaty ones will be posted on the weekend as usual. Guest posts are not out of the question but expect the bulk of content to be my own.

Once again, I apologize for the lack of content throughout September and October but please know that the blog is hitting a stride that it has never hit before, and I have much appreciation for your support as we head into the holiday season. Expect all posts to be up by 5:00 pm PST at the earliest, and not too much later if life doesn’t get the best of me. My hope is that you will find something new every day, and the variety makes this an enjoyable experience for you and me alike.

Also, there have been some minor edits across the site. All blog posts have been fine-tuned and improved on ever-so-slightly, and there is now an archive for you to check out every post in one convenient place.

Welcome to the 25 Days of Stadarooni!

The Path Ahead

Hello, everyone! I hope you are all enjoying being back at school!

I just wanted to be brief as I go through some future plans I have for the blog (which you can give your opinions to). These are all not too drastic for the blog, and I always want to look for ways to get it bigger and better for the purpose of expanding an audience and quality. If you have your own suggestions (both for blog post ideas and the way I operate the blog), please feel free to share!

As many of you know, I was absent for six weeks, where several individuals came to fill in my place. Each one of them provided their own flair to a topic that spoke to them, and I believe it was a great success for the blog. After some thought, I have decided to introduce a special segment to the blog for every month. On the final Wednesday (or so) of a month, a unique blogger will provide a post, spicing up variety and content as well as giving a little extra. This will not interfere with my posting schedule (on weekends), and if you are interested, please let me know as soon as possible. Spots will be on a first-come-first-served basis, and anyone is welcome to come on! Of course, I will review the content of the post to ensure it is appropriate for the blog. Categories that belong here include:

  • Analysis (of any kind)
  • Storytelling (fan-fiction is allowed, but I would encourage original stories)
  • Retrospect (rather than a straight-up review)

Of course, topics must be in relation to literature, video games, music, television, or film. Plagiarism is unacceptable, but my expectations are very free and flowing in order for your creativity to flourish. There is no limit to word count here, and neither is the category and nature of your post. I will help share the post afterwards, but I will keep my involvement to a minimum.

If you are interested, you can contact me through that button right over there on the left (or in the menu for mobile users). I should also say that in the case of my absence, I will try my hardest to provide a post on that day ahead of time or have someone cover for me.

On the other hand, I also have plans for the month of December that will differ from the typical posting schedule immensely. I hope you will all enjoy what I have in mind, but for now, I will keep it under wraps as a surprise…

Anyways, this was just a quick announcement for you all to see. If you also did not notice, there is a drop-down menu on the home button that will allow you to view blog posts by category. Enjoy your time!

A Quick Update

Hello, everyone! I apologize for the lack of a post this past weekend, but I was very much busy and preoccupied. I planned to write one, but alas.

As stated prior, I am going to be absent for six weeks. What does this mean for the blog? In this span of time, there will be six various authors who will be shelling out posts on a weekly basis, as per the usual affair. While I would say it may be as if I am not even gone, the great part about this is that they will all introduce their own flair and nuance to give a distinct flavour to each weekend. I am unsure as to what they will be posting, but I know for sure they will all provide a great read for the week. Once I have returned (the weekend of August 20th to be precise), I will resume posting.

I hope you enjoy these next six weeks and the upcoming smorgasbord!